Backup Script Intro

09 June 2016 on

My attempt was to create a simple and secure remote backup script. Right now it only works with MySql (or MariaDB).

Protecting Against the FREAK Attack

04 March 2015 on

Yesterday, a group of security researchers discovered a critical vulnerability in common TLS implementations. OpenSSL released a patch earlier this year, but due to the misconception that most servers/clients no longer supported the export RCA cipher suites, it was marked as a Low risk. But due to recent developments this has been found to be false. If you run a server, you should update to the latest version of OpenSSL.

Glibc Gethostbyname Buffer Overflow

27 January 2015 on

A pretty serious security vulnerability has been found in GlibC. More updates as the situation progresses.

Node01 System Updates

22 January 2015 on

On Friday, Jan 23 at 20:00. The node will be rebooted for software updates. Expected downtime is 30-45 minutes as all VM/CT’s will be shutdown and rebooted.

Network Maintenance 20150124

22 January 2015 on

Dacentec Maintenance Notification

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